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Model 510x1500 article

Specification 510x1500
Swing over bed Ø 510 mm
Swing over cross slide Ø 305 mm
Swing in gap diameter x width 735x170 mm
Height of center 255 mm
Distance between centers 1500 mm
Width of bed 350 mm
Cutting tool Max. section 25x25 mm
Total travel of cross slide 316 mm
Total travel of top slide 130 mm
Spindle bore Ø 80 mm
Spindle nose D1-8
Spindle morse taper in nose, in sleeve MT7
Spindle speeds number 12
Spindle speeds range 25-1600 rpm
Lead screw diameter & thread Ø 40 mm x 4 TPI or Pitch 6 mm
Thread imperial pitches 2-112 TPI (60nos)
Thread metric pitches 0.2-14 mm (47nos)
Diametrical pitches 4-112 D.P. (50nos)
Module pitches 0.1-7 M.P. (39nos)
Longitudinal feeds imperial 0.0022"-0.0612"/rev (35nos)
Longitudinal feeds metric 0.059-1.64 mm/rev (35mm)
Cross feeds imperial 0.00048"-0.01354" (35nos)
Cross feeds metric 0.020-0.573 mm (35nos)
Total travel of tailstock quill 180 mm
Tailstock quill diameter Ø 75 mm
Taper in tailstock quill MT5
Spindle drive motor 7.5 kW (10 HP) 3 Phase
Coolant pump motor 0.1 kW (1/8 HP)
Machine space required (LxWxH) 2840x1150x1430 mm
Packing case dimensions (LxWxH) 2900x1150x1710 mm
Net weight 2160 kg
Gross weight 2550 kg

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