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Model XK850F

          The Machine adpots high standard precision cast iron, the guide rail and worktable through super audio quenching to HRC48-52 degrees, X/Y/Z axis attached high wear-resistant grinding, no deformation, long service life. Man shaped column.

Vertical Machining Center Model XK850

Technical Parameters XK850F
Worktable size 1000×400 mm
X.Y.Z axis stroke 800×450×500 mm
Spindle Servo motor 5.5 kW
Distance between spindle and column guideway 420 mm
Distance from Spindle nose to worktable 80-580 mm
Three axis rapid movement X/Y axis 12 m/min, Z axis 8 m/min
Control system GSK990-M
Three axis servo motor X/Y 7.7 N/m ,  Z 10 N/m
Positioning Accuracy ±0.02/300 mm
Spindle speed  20-8000 rpm
T-slot 5-14*66 mm
Loading of worktable 400 kg
Spindle bore BT40 : Ф120
Spindle rotating mode Synchronous belt
Ball Screw X : 32/10  Y : 32/10   Z : 40/10
Machine size 2200x2100x2450  mm
N/G weight 2.8/3.2 Ton
Bamboo Hat ATC 16 knives



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