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Wirecut (One time cutting)

EDM WIRECUT MACHINE (One time cutting)
ITEM UNIT DK7725Z DK7732Z DK7740Z DK7750Z DK7763Z DK7763ZII
Worktable size (WxD) mm 400x580 440x680 540x760 640x1020 750x1140 750x1640
Working travel (XxY) mm 250x320 320x400 400x500 500x630 630x800 630x1200
Taper travel (UxV) mm 70x70 
Max. loading kg 400 600 1000 1600 2400 2400
Max. thickness of workpiece mm 400  400 400 450 550 750
Max. taper angle º/mm ± 6º/80
Dia. of molybdenum wire mm Ø0.15~Ø0.2 (recommend Ø0.18)
Max. wire feed rate m/sec 1~11.4/7 (Adjustable)
Machining precision mm ≤ 0.015
Max. machining speed mm²/min ≥ 200
Sureface roughness µm Ra≤2.5
Motor type   X/Y/U/V axis : stepper motor drive
Axis controlled   4 axis simultaneous
Min. control space mm 0.001
Power supply   3N-380V/50Hz
Max. working current A 12
Power consumption kW 1
Working liquid   RK-1 or JR3A
Water tank L 55
Filtering mode   Filter screen
Protective cover   Cabinet
Machine weight kg 1100 1300 1600 2300 2700 3000
Machine dimensions m 1.42x1.04x1.7 1.55x1.17x1.7 1.8x1.38x1.7 2.06x1.76x1.8 2.25x2.25x1.9 2.25x3.34x1.9

Wirecut / เครื่องไวร์คัท

Wirecut CNC Servo Motor Driven
Wirecut / เครื่องไวร์คัท
Wirecut (Multi-cutting)