เครื่องกลึง CNC / CNC LATHE MODEL i5


Technical Parameter i5
Chuck Size 8" inch
Max.Swing dia.Over bed dia.420 mm
Max.length of workpiece dia.400 mm
Max.Swing dia.over dia.210 mm
Spindle bore dia.75 mm
Max.dia.of through-hole dia.65 mm
Spindle nose A2-8 type
Spindle Speed 3500 Rpm
Main motor power 11 kw
X axis travel 180 mm
Z axis travel 400 mm
X/Z Rapid Traverse 20 m/min
No. of tool stations 12 nos
Tool shank size 20x20 mm
Type of tailstock LM
Taper of tailstock quill MT4
Travel of tailstock quill 80 mm
Travel of tailstock 400 mm
Slant bed degree 35º
Guideway type LM
Power Capacity 15 KVA
Machine Size 2,600x1,720x1,775 mm
Machine Weight 3300 kg


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